Monday, 27 July 2015

Add notes to PDF drawings

Write notes and instructions on the pdf. Reminders for yourself or instructions for someone else.  

Here is a step by step guide to show you how: 

Using QuickScale


On the View tab, ensure Annotations is checked and click on Annotations in the Dimensions pane.
Click on the Annotations button on the toolbar then click on the drawing where you want the text to be.
Type in the text and click OK.
To edit, rotate or hide the text, right click on the text on the drawing.
To move the text, click and drag it to the new position.
To edit the text, right click on the text on the drawing , select Edit and make changes in the text box.
For more help and information, please email

If you would like to try it yourself for 30 days, please register here:

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A bit about Quickscale

AnyScale Ltd was founded in 2010. It develops and distributes QuickScale software, mostly to the building and construction industry, although it can benefit those outside the construction industry too.

QuickScale is for taking dimensions and measurements off pdf drawings, especially when the pdf has no scale or is not to scale.  With QuickScale you can calculate areas and measurements by clicking on their points and corners.  Count items, add notes and text to the pdf and calculate volumes.  The scaled pdf can be printed, with measurements, to any size printer from A4 to A0.
AnyScale currently offer 3 different products:
QuickScale Lite
QuickScale Standard
QuickScale Plus

If you are interested in QuickScale please visit for a FREE 30 day trial. 

The prices below are correct as of 15th July 2015, prices may change. 
Please check the website for the latest packages and prices.