Friday, 16 October 2015

QuickScale Customers: Please send you pictures

If you are a  happy QuickScale customer please send us your pictures. We are looking for pictures from your building sites or of your team that we can use on social media.

Please send them to with permission to use them, in return we will give you 10% off of your next QuickScale licence and if you have social media we will feature you in our feed.

If you wish to be mentioned on social media please also send your social media details so we know how to tag you. For example we are @anyscale on Twitter.

If you would like to send us a video of your experience of using QuickScale we will give you 20% off of your next licence.

Please send to with permission to use it on social media. We will also tag you and mention your business if you send us your social media details.

Thank you for purchasing QuickScale and your continued support.

This offer expire 31st January 2016

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