Friday, 17 March 2017

Do you measure pdf drawings by holding a scale rule to your computer screen?

With QuickScale holding your scale rule to your computer screen can be a thing of the past. Many people worry that software will be complicated. QuickScale has been designed to be really easy to use.  QuickScale is NOT complicated, you won't tuition or manuals.

To scale a drawing simply, click on either end of a known measurement like a door width and type in the distance.

To calculate areas and measurements, click on their points and corners. 


We provide unlimited free help and support, so if you are unsure of anything we are here to help. 

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Roofers: how do you measure pitched roof areas on pdf drawings?

Roofers: Do you spend a long time calculating pitched roof areas on your PDF drawings?
Do you wish there was a quicker and easier way?

QuickScale is the fast, easy and accurate way to measure pdf drawings on your PC.

This link will show you how easy it is to calculate pitched roof areas.


If you're still not sure QuickScale is for you, why not give it a try for FREE for 30 days, please register here: 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

How Many QuickScale Packages are there?

QuickScale Packages:

There are 3 editions of QuickScale

1. The Basic (Lite) edition will measure the pdf.

2. The Standard Edition will measure, print and export dimensions.

3. The Plus Edition will measure, print, export as well as count items, add notes and text to the pdf, add in a room height to calculate the room volume and add measurements together.

There are no annual contracts on any of our packages. There are no renewals.

There is a free viewer for QuickScale customers to send their clients, site or colleagues so they can view and print measured drawings.

There is no time limit or cost for the viewer.

If you would like a Free, No obligation 30 day trial please visit:

Monday, 6 March 2017

Do you ever get sent PDF Drawings without a scale?

Do you ever get sent PDF Drawings without a scale?

With QuickScale ALL you need is one measurement.

QuickScale calculates line, path and area measurements on PDF drawings by using an accurate measurement to scale the drawing. If there are no measurements on the drawing, you can use any known measurement like a door width or parking space.

QuickScale is easy to use:

To measure an area, click on the Area button on the toolbar then click around the points and corners of the area. Similarly to measure a distance, click on the Line or Path button and click on the points and corners of the measurement.
Dimensions can be sent to a spreadsheet. The measured PDF can be printed to scale on any size printer from A4 to A1 plotters.

Drawings are often emailed in PDF format, without any scale, or not to scale. As long as you have one accurate measurement, you will be able to scale and measure from the PDF.

QuickScale has been designed to be simple to use but if you need support the team at QuickScale are happy to help you.

Before you buy QuickScale you can download a free, no obligation 30 day trial.

We won't take any payment details from you until you decide to purchase QuickScale.

Visit to download the free trial.